Monday, April 10, 2006

Daily Reflection for 4/10/2006 "Striving to Achieve..."

"Striving to Achieve The Best We Can."

It has taught me that success and failure are never final, and that neither count for very much in the final assessment of any man who has done his best.
Page 525 / Third Edition

My best is all I can do. There are no regrets, no attachments to expectations, no emotional turmoil when I know that I did my best. Whether it's making amends or simply taking contrary action to maintain a positive day-to-day lifestyle, I know that I've done well if I can say that I did my best. Even if I fail, I will always try for progress. Doing my best to make progress, therefore, is my highest honor in sobriety, and brings me endless joy on a constant basis!

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