Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny


verb [ intrans. ]
walk slowly and with heavy steps, typically because of exhaustion or harsh conditions : I trudged up the stairs | she trudged through blinding snow.

trudge | noun
a difficult or laborious walk : he began the long trudge back.

trudger | noun -- ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(as a verb): of unknown origin.


trudge | verb
they trudged through two miles of wet snow plod, tramp, tromp, drag oneself, walk heavily, walk slowly, plow, slog, toil, trek; informal traipse, galumph.

Could this be the manner in which we attain our slobriety?? Absolutely! It's good to have the official definitions for phrases & terminology we use so frequently and oft too loosely. Personally, I love this trudge. It's definitely preferrable to the slow, inexorable decay of addiction & alcoholism. May I find many more of us while trudging the road of happy destiny. May God bless you & keep you... until then!

Daily Reflection for 12/28/05 "...Until We Came To Believe."

"...Until We Came To Believe."

The love of God and man we understood not at all. Therefore we remained self-deceived, and so incapable of receiving enough grace to restore us to sanity.

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Mired in the darkness of alcoholism & addiction, I know that I was far too miserably demoralized to even consider the possibility that there was grace or love in the world. There definitely was no love for me. Who would love me??

That was my mistake.

After going through drug rehab and then learning the principles of the program, I've learned that there is so much love I don't know what to do with it all. In fact, I've learned that it is better to give love than to receive it, and that there is plenty of love to go around!!

The love of God and man indeed. Please stick around to see the miracle--you will, if you are honest!