Monday, April 03, 2006

Daily Reflection for 4/3/2006

Much the Same as Like Reinvesting..."

Gratitude should go forward rather than backward. In other words, if you carry the message to still others, you will be making the best possible repayment for the help given you.

As Bill Sees It / Page 29

I was recently in touch with some newcomers who were having some really difficult times. In an effort to offer some sound guidance, I relied upon the knowledge that Gratitude is always a phenomenal remedy for emotional turmoil & difficult times. I suggested that the newbies take a moment, learn the difference between "gratitude" & "thankfulness" (as my sponsor made me), and then write down on paper 5 different things for which they're grateful. I asked them to call me back once they were done.

I felt wonderful knowing that these newcomers to sobriety would soon feel the relief and warmth that I felt when I first began doing gratitude lists. I was happy that my God was able to give me the tools to offer others in need, just as I had been given the tools when I was in need.

However, neither of the newcomers called back. No kidding. But I'm still sober & free. If they do call me again we'll do the same thing over, and expect a different result. And there lies the question: how can something so illogical & so amazing, daresay "insane" (drunks staying sober) actually take place? In the case of a newcomer who finally does get it, we did it over and over again until we did get a different result! We did so because we have faith and we've seen it before. Amazing how that paradox of "insanity" works in the program. Quite beautiful, indeed, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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