Monday, November 21, 2005

Daily Reflection for 11/21/05

Today is My Father's Birthday. I want to thank him & my Mom for the dedication and unconditional love they provided me during my darkest hours. Not only did they get me into an incredible drug & alcohol rehab twice, but they did so with no reservations about what others might think or say. That was the "first step" in my just getting to a place where I would have the chance to embark upon my own recovery.

The Lighter Side of Recovery From Drug & Alcohol Addiction

During my early recovery from drug & alcohol addiction, my Dad often provided much-needed humor when I was nothing but down & depressed. These days, there is certainly no shortage of laughter; my friends & I laugh like fools and love it.

I came across this poem recently from a good friend of mine in recovery. Perhaps it will provide a nice sentiment for someone else who needs it.

Sober Eyes

I sit here with my sober eyes
And take all of this in
Some guy just fell and pissed himself
Wait…he's back up again.

In the corner this man sits alone
And talks to his shot of Jim Beam
I've lost count of how many he's had
Fifteen or twenty it seems.

One girl is dancing and I'm afraid
Her mirror is telling her lies
For her skirt is struggling to contain
Her "telephone pole-like" thighs.

Has caused her eyes to glaze
Her belt should be given overtime
Or at the very least, a raise.

The alcohol that she's consumed
Has caused her eyes to glaze
Her belt should be given overtime
Or at the very least, a raise.

There goes the drunk guy in for the kill
He wants to join in her dance
He hopes she's as drunk as he is
For maybe then, he'd have a chance.

"Play me some Skynard", she screams to the band
And he can't believe what he heard.
For this woman seemed to pierce his soul
By just yelling out, "Freebird!"

She sees him, she smiles, she pulls him in close
For a mate this woman does seek
They'd be dancing cheek to cheek.
It's closing time now and he gives her "the look"
She nods her head yes to the man
They leave the bar, and walk under the stars
Together, hand in hand.

And as I drive home, I can't help but think
As that trailer is rockin' tonight
What will they think of each other…
When they're sober and in the daylight?

Heck, maybe they'll go get married
And maybe they won't say goodbye
They might get matching airbrushed t-shirts
To go with his shiny black eye.

But whatever happens, I'm just glad
That tonight I am alcohol free
Or else someone might be telling a story
About that same lady and me.

Thanks bud, *AP

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