Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Daily Reflection for 12/20/05 "...Continuing to Take..."

"...The Next Indicated Direction."

Some of us had already walked far over the Bridge of Reason toward the desired shore of faith. The outline and the promise of the New Land had brought luster to tired eyes and fresh courage to flagging spirits.

Page 53

Alcoholics & Addicts are a stubborn & resilient bunch, aren't we? How much reinforcement do we need before we are willing to believe that life can be good? That life can get better? Personally, I had to go "To Hell & Back" (as my friend Pax puts it in his dad's book about The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure), before I was able to even consider the "New Land". All of us who ultimately "got it" had to go to our own personal Hell before we were willing to listen.

But that's not necessarily what the book says! The book says "The outline and the promise...", not the "touch & feel" of the new land. That was enough to get us to keep going. Just the outline and the promise. Nothing more. Upon reflection it's amazing to me how little is really asked of us. We're not commanded to do anything, we're not given any edicts, rules, obligations or duties. Just the tiniest bit of open-mindedness and the most rigorous honesty & willingness are needed.

To me, this passage is about maintenance of a drug and alcohol-free life, nothing more. It's about Continuing to take the next right action (or indicated direction). Don't stop! We're on the right path--Stay the course!

I have full faith that we can all make it if we're willing to follow a simple program and be rigorously honest about a few simple steps. Who's with me??

Have a great day...

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